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Fixed Income

Our fixed income fund offering involves a combination of enhanced Money Market and Fixed Income Fund solutions. We pride ourselves with both market understating and going the extra mile into understanding our client’s needs and offer them fixed income solutions that are in line with their specific needs.


Our solutions are based on sound fundamental analysis that is backed by thorough research and quantitative filtering to get the best results.

Some of our offering involves:

Money Market Fund - Return Expectation :

Stefi + 0.50%

  • Very high capital preservation
  • Low volatility of returns
  • High liquidity
  • Base is Money Market
  • Average duration below 91 days

Income Fund - Return Expectation :

Stefi + 1.00%

  • Capital preservation
  • Yield maximiser and capital appreciation
  • Liquidity
  • Base is Money Market + short term duration
  • Average duration below 365 days

 Active Income Fund:

Stefi + 2.00%

  • Capital preservation
  • Relatively low volatility of returns
  • Liquidity premium
  • Care base is Money Market + short term duration
  • Credit enhancement
  • Average duration not higher than 2 years