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Hedge Funds

‘Different HF styles are suitable during different economic cycles…’

The last 6 years of easy global monetary policy benefited momentum, high-beta and carry strategies, like equity long or short, high-beta highly leveraged carry and roll-down fixed interest strategies. Approaching a global recovery and balancing the effect thereof with the global monetary policy proves to be a challenging environment for strategies that produced good returns during the years of US “zero interest rate policy” and the consequent global hunt for yield’.


Typically, Hedge funds are all ‘pigeon holed together’…however, we believe there should be differentiation between the high-beta carry focused and the more relative value focused styles. At Capital Link Partners, we focus on generating returns that are commensurate for the risk being taken.

Some of our offering involves:

   Multi Strategy Hedge Fund

We have a Multi Strategy Hedge Fund offering. The fund offering is premised on our core five alpha generating strategies, namely: Directional, Credit, Arbitrage, Equities and Cash. All these strategies have sub-strategies that the investment team allocates risk to based on both quantitative and fundamental analysis.